WWE Survivor Series: 10 Weirdest Sole Survivor Situations

The strange stories of Lana, Lex Luger and some other lonely winners.

Survivor Series remains one of WWE’s big four, however, the traditional elimination match has become less of a focal point. The 1990 edition featured the most elimination matches on one card (six), whereas 2002’s event had none, with the focus being on the first ever Elimination Chamber match. Owing largely to the current stacked talent, the PPV has found two or three Survivor Series elimination matches to be a happy medium.

While the old cliché “there’s no ‘I’ in team” stands, being an elimination match’s sole survivor gives a competitor both group supremacy and personal accolades. The title of sole survivor holds a certain gravitas. It conjures images of a solo hero, who is bloodied and beaten but kept on his feet by glory and surging adrenaline, standing over his defeated foes and fallen friends.

However, often this is far from the case. Weird circumstances often follow a sole survivor win. From head-scratching victors to beloved mythical beings crashing the fanfare. Most recent sole survivor Lana stood still on the steel stairs for the bulk of the match to secure the win. But two two-time Hall of Famers hold similar wins too…


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