WWE Survivor Series 2015: 10 Things We Learned

Is there anything left for TLC!?

The ever-changing landscape of pro wrestling means that fans learn something from virtually every single show. That was certainly the case on the latest edition of Survivor Series. WWE's creative team had their hand forced by an unfortunate injury to Seth Rollins during the recent UK Tour. The scheduled Rollins vs. Roman Reigns match had to be cancelled, and a tournament was booked to culminate on the Pay-Per-View instead. It seems that WWE's original plan was mimicked even after the card had been restructured. There had been rumours that Roman Reigns was going to walk out of the show as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but the promotion decided to throw in a little curveball to try and make the end of 2015 interesting. Going into the event, there were also questions over exactly what would happen during The Undertaker's big appearance. The undoubted focal point of the show's promotional materials, 'Taker was working a match 25 years on from his debut showing at Survivor Series 1990. Let's see how it went down...

10. Alberto Del Rio Constructs 2nd Consecutive Red Hot Opener

At October's Hell In A Cell Pay-Per-View, Alberto Del Rio returned with a bang to WWE. Defeating John Cena, the Mexican became the United States Champion. Initially, he played before a babyface reaction, but subsequently turned heel on television quickly afterwards. That match against Cena was the opening bout of the last WWE PPV. Survivor Series once again began with Del Rio gracing the ring, and he tore it up just like he did the last time. As United States Champion, there are worse roles for the guy to fulfill than being the go-to performer for exciting curtain-jerking bouts. It was a great decision to have Del Rio vs. Reigns open the event, because the fans were enthused by the Semi Final. Who can say where Alberto Del Rio will slot into cards in the future, but he's definitely a shrewd choice to get the crowd heated. His on-screen alliance with Zeb Colter is still mystifying to some, but it cannot be denied that Del Rio knows how to build tension in a match. His opener against Roman Reigns was - just like the bout against John Cena - well-paced.

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