WWE Survivor Series 2019: 10 Things That Must Happen

Screw Raw. Screw SmackDown. Hail the future of WWE's product. Hail NXT.

Survivor Series 2019

There's no denying that WWE's annual Survivor Series build is about as thrilling as the World Paint Drying Championships. "Brand supremacy" has become a buzzword hybrid that essentially means, 'We don't know what to book and need to ride this out until WrestleMania hype starts in January, so here you go'.

It's now November tradition that the creative team switch off their brains, rely on phoney show loyalty and pretend this will all mean something by December. Obviously, it won't. Come Raw 24 hours later, the pay-per-view will be largely forgotten and WWE will turn their attention to another place holding show, TLC.

Rinse and repeat, albeit without NXT's invasion.

That's been the biggest story of the past few weeks. Triple H, who was previously a figurehead on Raw (again, turn off your logic switches during this time of the year), has led his NXT troops into battle despite having a TakeOver the night before to also worry about.

Can WWE rescue Survivors Series? Of course they can, and here's how they do it. Who needs to win, how they do it and which brand comes out on top are all important...


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