WWE Survivor Series 2019: 9 Last-Minute Rumours You Need To Know

"They'll Learn Soon..."

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Survivor Series never makes sense. After 11 months of wrestlers going toe-to-toe over logical rivalries and quests for glory, they all jack it in for a few weeks, put on matching t-shirts, and are prepared to die in the name of "brand supremacy". Why? Well, they never really bother to explain it, they all just really, really, really get into the whole t-shirt thing.

But weirdly, for a company that's lost viewers in their millions over how nonsensical their storytelling is, it all just sort of works. The rulebook goes out of the window and, in recent years, we've been left with some of the all-time great WWE PPV matches. Bryan vs Lesnar, Rousey vs Flair, Shield vs New Day, and whatever the hell that main event was in 2017.

With one eye on Rumble season, and the last "Big 4" PPV of the year, it's also a great chance to feature new and returning stars, as well as kickstart stories that'll take us through to WrestleMania itself. Naturally, the rumour mill goes into overdrive, and we've got a bumper pack or hearsay, speculation, suggestion and whisper for you within...

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