WWE Survivor Series 2021: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

WWE puts the bare minimum effort into one of their most iconic PPVs.

WWE Survivor Series 2021 Roman Reigns Big E

If you needed any further proof that Survivor Series as an event really doesn't matter anymore, here it is.

Between the lack of titles on the line and misguided focus on "brand supremacy," an event that's traditionally been about the fun elimination match-ups felt mostly stripped of its originality.

Was this year's event terrible? Absolutely not, but it was certainly all over the map quality-wise, from a wretched Battle Royal to a number of solidly decent bounts and a great opener which the show could never improve upon.

Sadly the event as a whole seemed a lot more interested in shilling for Red Notice and, er, Pizza Hut than it did actually convincing fans to invest emotionally in the Raw vs. SmackDown competition, which panned out as predictably as expected.

Despite a few matches delivering above expectations, some questionable finishes and a lack of clarity on what it all means moving forward makes this mostly feel like a non-entity of a PPV that few are likely to be talking about even a few weeks from now.

As WWE's final major event of the year following TLC's cancellation, it ends 2021 on a bit of a shoulder shrug...

7. 25-Man Battle Royal

WWE Survivor Series 2021 Roman Reigns Big E

Result: Omos scored the win for Team Raw by eliminating Ricochet (10:45).

Rating: Of all the Battle Royals WWE has ever staged, this sure was one of them. It definitely wasn't a match to watch hungry, that's for sure.

To that end, this felt less like a tribute to The Rock than it did the flimsiest excuse possible for a Pizza Hut product placement segment.

As a Battle Royal it was a whole lot of nothing, and while Omos made sense as the winner, it ran at least a few minutes too long considering the scant entertainment value it had to offer.

This probably should've been the kickoff match. Terrible and cynical, apart from successfully making Omos look like a force of nature. 3/10


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