WWE Teasing Ronda Rousey's Return?

Is the ex-UFC and WWE Champion on the comeback trail?

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Corey Graves dropped some hints on this week's episode of SmackDown that former Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey may be returning to WWE TV sooner than expected.

After the announcer's recent podcast interview with Rousey was quickly hyped by Michael Cole, Corey said he'd bet on Ronda showing up on company programming soon if he "was a betting man". That seemed out of place with recent coverage of Rousey, and contradicted Ronda's own comments on 'After The Bell' about how she'd book her comeback.

Rousey likes the idea of shocking everyone by appearing unannounced on WWE house shows rather than returning on television or pay-per-view. As reported previously, unadvertised live event appearances could sacrifice some dollars for the promotion and could also be viewed as a waste of Ronda's star power.

It'd be out of character for WWE to let an announcer tease such a major return without some planning too. Can fans expect to see Rousey rampage back onto the scene and kickstart her own road towards 'Mania 36? It's possible, and it's not like anything is out of the question after Edge's remarkable return at last weekend's Royal Rumble.

"Anything can happen in WWE" may finally be true again.

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