WWE: The Many Faces Of Glenn Jacobs AKA Kane

Dr Isaac Yankem, DDS Jacobs' first WWE run had him posing as Jerry 'The King' Lawler's personal dentist the ridiculously named Isaac Yankem, DDS. Yankem debuted via a series of vignette's like the one above and was introduced to further the feud between Lawler and Bret' The Hitman' Hart. Yankem Vs Hart was only a short lived feud though with Hart coming out on top in every match. The deranged dentist character would flounder in the lower mid card until finally disappearing in late 1996. During his run he would lose in matches to The Ultimate Warrior, Jake The Snake Roberts and even had a run with his future brother The Undertaker. Despite his huge frame and imposing presence Jacobs failed to get over as well as hoped and it was surprising that WWE did not simply release him at the end of his run. Instead creative had other plans and would repackage him as something else entirely.
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