WWE TLC 2015: 10 Predictions That Must Happen

An unpopular title change, Kevin Owens on the warpath, and at least two surprise returns.

The term 'transitional champion' is one that will be familiar to a lot of wrestling fans - hell, the current WWE Champion is more than likely one himself. But if there was ever a 'transitional pay per view', TLC 2015 would surely fit the description. Like Fastlane, TLC has the misfortune of occurring just before one of the biggest pay-per-views of the company's calendar of events. Judging by the rather unspectacular card, it's hard not to draw the conclusion that the event is merely filler, passing time until the Royal Rumble rolls around and kickstarts the road to WrestleMania. Strip away the weapons-based stipulations and many of this month's PPV matches wouldn't look out of place on an average edition of Raw. It's hard to shake the feeling that WWE have booked this show on autopilot, confident that it'll keep fans satisfied until it's time for another of the 'big four' events. However, although it's hardly going to be the most spectacular event of the year - even under the best possible circumstances - there are several booking decisions WWE must make to ensure that TLC doesn't fall as flat as it threatens to.

10. Kevin Owens Should Destroy Dean Ambrose

Few in WWE can take a beating better than Dean Ambrose, and his natural ability to flop around like a brave ragdoll should be fully exploited on Sunday. After crashing out in the WWE Title Tournament semi-finals, Owens needs a big win to galvanise his Intercontinental Championship reign - and The Lunatic Fringe is the perfect fall guy. When Owens first came up to the main roster, he was put over as an absolute monster, defeating John Cena in his debut while wrestling an incredibly hard-hitting style. Now he's more of a smart heel, avoiding unnecessary confrontation and wasting no energy. Although it was important to get that side of Owens over, he's in danger of becoming just another cowardly champion. He needs to rediscover his dangerous side quickly, and a crushing victory over a valiant Ambrose is a great place to start.
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