WWE TLC 2019: 10 Things That Must Happen

Rescuing 2019's least-hyped pay-per-view event in 10 'Fiendish' steps...

WWE want TLC about as much as fans want Hell In A Cell 2019 on DVD for Christmas.

There have been some real afterthoughts this year (Stomping Grounds and Crown Jewel, for example), but TLC might just pull into the lead as 2019's least wanted. Exactly none of the matches seem essential going in, WWE barely bothered to promote the show until this past Monday's Raw, and every single bout could take place on Raw or SmackDown without complaint sans titular gimmicks.

Somehow, despite coming across as a celebratory TV anniversary special rather than a must-see supershow, there will be some fun in Minneapolis. The Miz is a damn fine placeholder for Bray Wyatt before continuing his feud with Daniel Bryan, and the weapons-based carnage should offer up enough entertainment to make it watchable. Totally forgettable, yet watchable.

Creative can't wait for January-April's WrestleMania season though, that's clear. They want TLC out of the road ASAP, and they'll want to get out of Minnesota with minimal fuss, zero injuries and without bothering any bigger stories to come.

Here's everything that must happen...

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