WWE: The Ultimate Warrior - 5 Awesome Matches And 5 That Sucked

Is there anyone more 1980's than WWF legend The Ultimate Warrior? Brash, colourful and energetic - Ultimate Warrior was one of the stand out performers in the cartoon era of wrestling. From his debut with the WWF in 1987 to his title winning heroics of the early nineties, we all loved this over the top personality. Vince McMahon maybe didn't love him so much. Jim 'Ultimate Warrior' Hellwig was by all accounts a nightmare to deal with. The man who had been seen as the heir to Hogan was in fact an egotistical maniac, his wild ideas about creative and his refusals to look weak a stain against his name. For the most part his matches were five minute wonders, quick destruction of jobber opponents. In saying that ... Warrior deserves credit for his work. There is a place for that brand of power wrestling, especially in the muscle era of the 80's and 90's. Guys like CM Punk have expressed an appreciation for Warrior's work - he did what he did well. You don't end up a main event star if you don't engage the audience. Warrior had his fanbase, being a considerable merchandise and box office attraction. My very first piece of WWF merchandise was in fact an Ultimate Warrior hoody when I must have been aged 4. He was a star. With Warrior now set to be inducted into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame, it's an appropriate time to consider his best (and infamous worst) matches. Knowing Warrior, we also wouldn't put it past him to have some sort of match in 2014. For now, his 5 best and 5 worst matches ever ....
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