WWE Wants You To Forget This From Payback 2016

How will we know what happens 'When it Reigns...'?

WWE Edited Sign Payback.jpg

When anyone took a look at that picture above, there's a good chance they'd first notice AJ Styles flying through the air, ready to deliver a Phenomenal Forearm to Roman Reigns and send them both crashing through the announce table. But does anything else stand out? And no, I'm not talking about JBL's fairly gormless expression either.

Just behind JBL's head there is a bright yellow sign, fan-made, that curiously reads 'When it Reigns'. The sign looks fairly shoddily made, all of the text bunched up in the upper half of the sign. Not only that, but isn't there a fairly well-known ending to a phrase that begins 'When it Reigns...'?

As it transpires, the sign in the picture that sits on wwe.com's homepage today has been edited. The original was originally completed with the riff 'it bores' to the delight of the Twitter folks who spotted it. But this was deemed too negative a reaction to WWE's hand-chosen babyface champion and the offending words have been removed in the edit.


The lengths that WWE will go in order to protect Reigns seemingly know no bounds. The chances are that not many people would have looked at the original photograph and paid even the slightest attention to the sign, looking more at the human being flying through the air.

Whatever next?


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