WWE WrestleMania 1 Stars - Where Are They Now?

How much have things changed in over thirty years?

On March 31, 1985, Vince McMahon Jr. presented the first ever WrestleMania event. It was a tremendous gamble, as many people thought that it wouldn€™t succeed in being the pop culture phenomenon that he had envisioned. But, McMahon proved all the naysayers wrong, and WrestleMania I was a legendary event that served as the symbol of the new direction for North American professional wrestling. Fast forward over thirty years, and much has changed since that legendary event. Wrestlers have come and gone, champions became legends, and some names have become immortalized in WWE history, while others faded into the background, almost forgotten in the passage of time. Since WrestleMania I was such an important and historic event for WWE, it only makes sense to chronicle what happened to the men and women who helped make that trend-setting event world-famous. Some of you will be surprised to see what the headliners of yesteryear are doing now, while other entries might offer a somber warning about what can happen to a wrestler after their career comes to an end.


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