WWE WrestleMania 36: 10 Things That Must Happen

'Just Drew It'?

WrestleMania 36

It's almost here, folks.

Despite March feeling like the longest month in recent human history, the bold April is here to give everyone a break from real-life drama by way of two delectable nights of WrestleMania. Even those who aren't typically into WWE's product all year round must be salivating at the thought of some wrasslin' respite right now.

Through all the virus chat consuming everyday life, and all the production problems that drama has brought to the promotion's doorstep, WWE must put on a weekender to remember. This is their chance to show that pro wrestling/sports entertainment/whatever the fudge they want to call it can put smiles on faces and give everyone something to talk about besides crisis on social media.

The 'Road To WrestleMania' has been wobbly at times, but there are still some tasty matches on offer that can leave people purring afterwards. It's time for title changes, feel good match results and everything this company has to offer production-wise.

WrestleMania 36's success, and the sanity of those suffering through boredom at home, depends on it...


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