WWE WrestleMania 36: Every Match Star Ratings (Night 1)

"This is what you wanted, right?"

According to noted wrestling journalist and the man behind the Wrestling Observer, anyone who does star ratings for a pre-taped show where the talent are able to rework segments they're not entirely happy with is an idiot.

Anyway with that in mind, hello everybody and welcome to some star ratings.

Now, far be it from me to question the wisdom of a man who still doesn't know where the normal reply button is on twitter, but since the Academy Awards aren't reserved purely for one-take performances inside a theatre, it seems strange to punish pro-wrestling for taking advantage of the same production benefits that help make cinema what it is.

And, well, in the circumstances, who could really blame WWE? This unprecedented time of global isolation has almost rendered the industry redundant but, somehow, someway, they have pulled together something resembling a WrestleMania card. It's been split across two evenings, taped in advance, and expectation levels are surely as low as they have ever been for the Show of Shows.

Still though, WWE has an improbable knack of pulling off great shows when its back is against the wall. Simply taking their hands off the wheel and allowing the creativity of the talent to steer them home. Could they do that on the most high-profile platform possible? Or will this year's pirate-themed spectacle sink without a trace? Let's find out...

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