WWE WrestleMania 39: 20 Things That Must Happen

19. Both “Showcases” Are Kept Short

WWE WrestleMania 39 Cody Rhodes

Vince McMahon's long-held bid to cram as many names onto the 'Mania card as possible admittedly comes from a good place - WWE wants to give as many workers as possible a cracking payday, and it'd definitely suck to be on the roster but find yourself "Mania-less" come springtime.

Cool, but...keep these "Showcases" on the shorter side, eh?

Neither one is particularly important in the grand scheme of things (WWE hasn't even announced any kind of incentive, or if the bouts will offer a tag title shot afterwards), and everyone knows it. These are thinly-veiled substitutes for those Battle Royals that went from main card > pre-show > SmackDown.

Two four-way tag bouts will buffer between the bigger matches in SoFi on Saturday and Sunday. Hell, they might even take place on the same night. Who knows? One thing everybody knows is that they must be relatively brief and go with the AEW Trios Title blend of spots, spots, spots to stand any chance.


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