WWE: 10 Reasons Triple H Is Going To Make A Great Owner

The King of Kings is about to take his throne.

If you spent above ten minutes on the Internet looking for anything related to the WWE you would get the impression that HHH is in fact the Devil incarnate and the day he married Stephanie McMahon signaled the apocalypse for all things professional wrestling. Now it€™s actually yet to be determined if Vince McMahon will ever job to even the Grim Reaper himself, but the fact remains one day HHH will take his place as the CEO and owner of the WWE. Every little detail of his career has been brought up as a reason why critics don€™t think he will be suitable for the role. When HHH was made an official company executive in 2010 their arguments only grew louder. Whilst there is no doubt HHH isn€™t perfect and over the years certain actions on his part have been inexcusable, make no mistake with him at the helm the future of the company is in very safe hands. Here are ten reasons why Triple H isn€™t such a bad guy, why the criticisms are unfounded and why his inevitable takeover will actually be what is €œBest for Business€.
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