WWE's 53 Wrestlers Ranked From Worst To Best

The complete roster evaluation.


WWE is a hierarchical company; it has a large mid-card scene, which has prevented many stars from reaching the main event scene. This has led to repetitive main-event feuds and storylines, while those stuck in the middle of the card are often thrown together in random storylines without reaching that elite circle. As Vince McMahon once said, ‘no one since Cena has grabbed the brass rings’ (which is a highly contentious statement in itself).

The truth is that WWE Superstars have a lot of skills, some in more areas than one. While few of them are perfectly well-rounded, many of them possess a lot of potential to be big stars, but are struggling to get over with the audience because of difficult creative decisions or a lack thereof. How good are they? This list will answer that by determining who’s the best and where WWE Superstars rank in relation to one another.

This article will rank WWE’s entire active roster based on a combination of positive and negative factors from each wrestler’s storyline and real-life attributes. Each wrestler will be given 3 positive attributes and three negative attributes (if applicable), and afterwards they will be given a score between * and *****, with the lower-scoring wrestlers coming first.

So where did your favorite wrestlers rank in relation to their peers?

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