WWE's Bray Wyatt Posts Brilliant Cryptic Tweet To Matt Hardy

Go on, Matt. Just let him in...

matt hardy bray wyatt

Some wrestling fans probably want to forget certain points of Bray Wyatt's career. He's been terribly mishandled more than once, and there's still that nagging worry that WWE will ruin his 'Fiend' character completely in 2020.

Not if Bray has his way.

The cerebral genius offered up another slice of cryptic brilliance by firing off a tweet to old tag-team partner Matt Hardy that hinted at a nice side project for Wyatt between now and WrestleMania 36. In the message, Bray slyly included his alter ego's catchphrase.

Those paying attention would've spotted that certain letters of the tweet were capitalised to spell "Let Me In".

"dear matt, i couLd nEver hurT you i could heal you, just like you did for Me whEn the world threw me away you were the only one offering to pick me up and I Never forget....."

This twisted goodness is unlikely to lead to a tag reunion (that ship has sailed), but becoming one of Bray's brainwashed disciples wouldn't be a bad spot for Matt this year. He's lost in the shuffle right now, so it'd be a step in the right direction again and give Hardy some TV time.

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