WWE's Charlotte Flair Wants To Be On TV With Andrade "Sooner Rather Than Later"

The Queen is keen to appear on TV with her husband.

Charlotte Flair Andrade

While they may currently work for different companies, Charlotte Flair is looking to unite on-screen with her husband Andrade El Idolo "sooner rather than later".

This topic came up during a recent interview Flair conducted with Forbes (via eWrestlingNews.com), as the current SmackDown Women's Champion continues the press rounds ahead of WrestleMania 39.


When asked about whether we could see Charlotte and AEW's Andrade together on TV at some point, the Queen noted:

"I hope so, yes. As long as he's happy. I just wanna be on camera with him at some point, wherever that ends up. Do I think there's a timetable? I don't think you can put a timetable in wrestling. I mean, look at Lita and Trish being back now, how many years later. I'd like to be with him sooner rather than later, but it's just whatever, you know, destiny holds for us."

Having been granted his WWE release in March 2021 after becoming unhappy with how he was being used, Andrade landed in AEW that June. Unfortunately, the former La Sombra has been absent from AEW programming since competing in the Casino Ladder bout at All Out 2022 last September.


That initial absence from AEW was put down to an alleged backstage fight with Sammy Guevara, with El Idolo sent home from a Dynamite taping after their brawl took place.

Reports last month also detailed how Andrade underwent pec surgery in November, and that's why he's been away from screens for what's approaching six months now.


Of course, prior to this latest spell away from AEW TV, there were plentiful rumours that Andrade was unhappy in the company and that he was looking to return to WWE - with some even speculating that the fight with Guevara was an attempt from El Idolo to get fired.

As for Charlotte, she and Andrade married in May 2022, having been dating since early 2019.

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