WWE's Matt Riddle Shoots On Goldberg, Praises Undertaker

"I get mad at certain people because they’re unsafe."


The Undertaker vs. Goldberg's WWE Super ShowDown clash twenty years in the making and about fifteen beyond its use-by date last night was the wrestling equivalent of falling down the stairs, as both men fumbled exhaustingly through a series of botches and flubs - several of them with nearly drastic consequences.

It transpired after the match that Goldberg had suffered a concussion, presumably when he speared the steel ring post head first. After that, he damn near dropped 'Taker square on his head with a Jackhammer attempt, as the whole thing fell to pieces.

The Undertaker was allegedly livid at his opponent backstage, and now a fellow WWE colleague has echoed The Deadman's sentiments. Matt Riddle, not one to shy away from speaking his mind, took to Twitter this evening with a set of loaded comments which seemed to call out Goldberg for being an in-ring liability:

"I love Pro Wrestling so much and that’s why I get mad at certain people because they’re unsafe, dangerous and a liability to everyone else, I’ve worked hard to get where I am and this is only the beginning!"

He added: "PS @undertaker is a stallion and is a true legend"

This follows up a since-deleted video Riddle posted last night in which he called Goldberg out as "absolutely the worst wrestler," adding "that's not an opinion, that's a fact."


Blimey, bro.

Goldberg had something of a reputation for being unsafe even in his prime, infamously ending Bret Hart's career with mistimed mule kick to the side of The Hitman's head. Given the damage he caused to himself - and probably his opponent - last night, the decision to put the 52-year old out there seems an increasingly unwise one. But hey, cash.

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