WWE's Murphy Wants Dream Match With This AEW Star

Murphy's dream opponent responds as the WWE SmackDown star shouts him out on Instagram.

Murphy Kenny Omega

Murphy has named AEW World Champion Kenny Omega as the non-WWE wrestler he most fans to face, drawing a positive response from The Best Bout Machine in the process.

This stems from an Instagram Q&A session Murphy conducted yesterday. When asked about his "dream match outside of WWE," the SmackDown star responded with Omega:-

Kenny then chimed in when a screenshot made it to Twitter, saying that it'd be "cool" to share a ring with him, telling a daft Call of Duty story in the process:-

It isn't a huge surprise to see Murphy, in particular, naming Omega as a dream opponent. Kenny's stellar in-ring reputation aside, the past few years have demonstrated that The Cleaner is a clear influence on the Australian, who has adopted several bits and pieces from Omega's arsenal over the years, including V-Trigger esque knees.

Recent weeks have seen Murphy slithering back towards Seth Rollins' good graces on SmackDown, having wrestled Seth's WrestleMania opponent, Cesaro, twice on Friday nights. He has been used only sparingly over the past six months, disappearing from television when his storyline with the Mysterio family ended abruptly in late 2020.

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