WWE's Roman Reigns Announced For 'The Tonight Show'

Roman Reigns will be Jimmy Fallon's guest on NBC later this week...

Roman Reigns Tonight Show

As announced on last night's episode of Raw, current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will be one of Jimmy Fallon's guests on The Tonight Show this Wednesday, 17 November.

Reigns will feature alongside Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on the episode, which goes out at 11:35 PM ET on NBC.

Roman is likely being brought onto the show in order to promote this Sunday's Survivor Series 2021 pay-per-view. It'll be WWE's last supercard of the year, with the promotion reconfiguring its schedule to scrap a December PPV, opting to hold WWE Day 1 on 1 January 2022 instead.


Survivor Series will see Reigns meet WWE Champion Big E in a standard non-title singles match for "brand supremacy." As comfortably the biggest singles bout on the lineup, it could end up headlining the show, as has become the norm for Reigns since he took the Universal strap.

Recent weeks have seen Reigns' cousins and allies, The Usos, embroiled in battles with Big E's New Day stablemates King Woods and Kofi Kingston, who were both sent to SmackDown in last month's WWE Draft. "Brand supremacy" means The Usos will face Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro at the PPV, however.

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