WWE's Roman Reigns Finally Changing His Attire & Entrance Music?

Universal Champion set for overdue image upgrade.


Six years on from The Shield's first WWE disbandment, Roman Reigns is finally on the verge of updating his ring attire and entrance music.

The WWE Universal Champion broke the story during a Zoom call uploaded by Facebook user BJ Wright on Monday. As transcribed by talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy, Reigns said that when "you watch this Sunday [Clash of Champions 2020], you'll see me with my shirt off, so that would be the change." On top of this, 'The Big Dog' announced that he will be changing his theme later down the line, claiming this will happen after "more drastic things happen."

Although The Shield split in June 2014, Reigns retained the group's entrance music and all black/flak look. He has been wrestling in a slogun t-shirt since returning to WWE at SummerSlam 2020. Now, a more drastic change appears to be on the way.


Sects of fans have been calling for Roman to revamp his image for years. His recent heel turn and shift in character feels like the perfect opportunity to do this, so here's hoping WWE comes up with some equally fresh and interesting to compliment the change in attitude.

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