WWE's Roster Once Had A Shoot Fight Against MMA Stars?!

"The WWE guys pretty much dominated and took them down".

Batista World Heavyweight Title

If you were in a random UK hotel back in late-2005, you just might've seen one of the strangest shoot fights ever.

WWE's roster were staying there, and so were some kickboxers in town for a competition. On his 'Something To Wrestle With' podcast, Bruce Prichard reminisced about a brawl so wild the police were called to break things up.

Prichard did admit that his side of the story comes from the WWE guys, so it's likely a bit biased. However, he does recall hearing from some others that the pro wrestlers "pretty much dominated" the MMA crew and "took them down" before cops arrived to stop the fighting.


Bruce said things got heated in the hotel bar between both parties, and all that testosterone was going to boil over once alcohol was added to the equation. A few hours later, Batista was reportedly taking down former kickboxing champion Kash Gill and huge men were flying around everywhere.

That had to be terrifying or exhilarating (or both) for patrons staying at the hotel. WWE's roster "manhandled and restrained" the MMA lads until police restored order.


Somewhere, Vince McMahon was probably loving every second.

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