WWF Brawl For All: Where Are They Now?

Sixteen men entered... what happened next?

WWE's Brawl For All will always go down in wrestling history as probably the worst concept the company has ever come up with. The brainchild of Vince Russo it debuted on RAW 29 June 1998. A shoot fighting tournament, the matches involved a confusing mixture of boxing and wrestling rules.

Its initial purpose was to appeal to those wrestling fans who were becoming increasingly interested in UFC and other MMA organisations. What followed was a largely unforgettable tournament. Fans hated it, wrestlers got career shortening injuries and the supposed favourite, 'Dr Death' Steve Williams, was knocked out by eventual winner Bart Gunn in the quarter finals.

With Dark Side Of The Ring airing their latest episode, this week, on the whole debacle, we decided to have a look at what happened to the sixteen men who entered the tournament afterwards and what they are up to now.


16. Steve Blackman


Having a background in karate and jujitsu, Steve Blackman seemed like the perfect contestant for the tournament. Although he was relatively new to the company, his participation had the potential to help build on 'The Lethal Weapon' gimmick he was using at the time. Paired against Marc Mero in the first round, Blackman came out victorious but then he pulled out due to injury.

Unlike other wrestlers on this list, as we will see, his taking part in Brawl For All did not seem to affect his reputation that much. He continued to build on his image as a martial arts specialist. Blackman would go on to win the WWE Hardcore Title on six occasions, his most memorable clash coming against Shane McMahon in SummerSlam 2000. In 2002 he would leave WWE.

Soon after leaving Blackman opened his own school teaching jujitsu, wrestling and mixed martial arts. He also tried his hand promoting his own MMA shows on several occasions. Today he works as a bail bondsman in Pennsylvania.

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