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History student, aspiring author, lover of all things videogame and movie related, dislikes goat's cheese. Constantly trying not to be Mark Corrigan from Peep Show. Also has Twitter: @AlexHBrookes

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Halo Games: Ranked Best To Worst

20 Nov 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

Skyrim Dragonborn Trailer: What We Learned

7 Nov 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

gaming Borderlands 2 header 1k views

Borderlands 2 Review: A Bazillion Reasons To Play

Borderlands 2 provides about as much fun as it’s possible to have with a videogame. It’s bonkers, unique, addictive and brilliant.

5 Oct 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

sport see 760 views

9 Sports That Should Be Olympic Events

In order to get rid of the post-Olympic blues, here are nine sports that should feature in future Olympics.

16 Sep 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

gaming wii u 4k views

Wii U Launch: 6 Franchises That Should Have Been Included

Even with such an impressive release roster, there are a few of Nintendo’s biggest franchises which are noticeably absent from the list.

16 Sep 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

gaming skyrim hearth 48k views

Skyrim: 5 Ideas For Future Expansions

There’s always something to do in the land of Skyrim, but here's five ideas for new DLC that we hope can be added.

13 Sep 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

gaming leviathan 2k views

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Review

Leviathan is a must-have for Mass Effect fans. Although fairly short, it is packed full of information about the Reapers, their origins and the series’ ending.

6 Sep 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

gaming hearthfire-packfront 8k views

Skyrim Hearthfire DLC Review

The main positive is that Hearthfire is cheap, other than that, it represents a good concept that is implemented in the most tedious fashion possible.

5 Sep 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

gaming Dust header 107 views

Dust: An Elysian Tail Review [XBLA]

A fantastic offering from the Summer of Arcade and a real showcase to what an Xbox Live Arcade game can achieve.

30 Aug 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

gaming halo4

Halo 4 Achievements Revealed

The list does give a slight indication of what challenges and scenarios players might find themselves in when they step back into the shoes of Master Chief.

24 Aug 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes

film talia 6k views

How One Plot Twist Ruined The Dark Knight Rises

Sadly, Nolan was trying to be too clever for his own good.

23 Aug 2012 Alex Hawksworth-Brookes