Skyrim: 5 Ideas For Future Expansions

There’s always something to do in the land of Skyrim, but here's five ideas for new DLC that we hope can be added.

There€™s always something to do in the land of Skyrim, especially now that Bethesda has released two expansion packs, Dawnguard and Hearthfire. Hopefully there€™s more to come too, but with no official announcement to mull over, here€™s five ideas for what new Skyrim DLC could involve (and there€™s absolutely no mention of horse armour).

1. Return to Morrowind

Morrowind is the most north-eastern province of Tamriel and home to the dark-skinned Dunmer. Long time fans of the Elder Scrolls series will remember exploring Vvardenfell, a volcanic island located in this province, in the Elder Scrolls III, so a return to the region might seem a little strange when many parts of Tamriel still remain unvisited. However, several things make a return to Morrowind a likely possibility for future DLC. For starters, nearly all of mainland Morrowind (aside from the capital Mournhold) remains unexplored by gamers, meaning that there is still a lot of this unique and alien province for Bethesda to create. Furthermore, snippets of conversation in Skyrim reveal that Morrowind, after initially being invaded by the Argonians, was then devastated by an enormous volcanic eruption, which caused many of the locals to flee across the border. This cataclysmic event could easily form the narrative centrepiece of new content, whilst also changing the landscape drastically, meaning that any return to Vvardenfell would offer a completely new experience to players familiar with the Elder Scrolls III. What makes this idea particularly intriguing is the fact that, east of Riften, nestled between two mountains there is a gate which is blocked by an invisible wall. It is possible that this gate could be used as the first point of a journey into Morrowind if Bethesda decide to return there. This seems like a probable thing to happen €“ why would they bother placing the gate there just for the sake of it?
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