Gwynn Compton

Working in public relations, the place where writers and creative people go to die, Gwynn maintains an eclectic mix of interests that range from long-distance running and writing through to Latin dancing and science fiction. As a child he once tried to turn his tricycle into a Dalek using sticky tape and A4 paper. His Dad didn’t appreciate his creative use of all the printer paper as much as Gwynn did. Follow Gwynn on Twitter @gwynncompton

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Doctor Who Series 7: 10 Reasons Why You Must Watch

This weekend sees the return of Doctor Who and the new series promises to deliver more Whovian goodness than you can poke a plunger at.…

Richard E Grant is Doctor Who Christmas Villain

He's back, but for once not as the Doctor!

New Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer Debuts

There's more Daleks than you can shake a plunger at, Weeping Angels, Cyborg Cowboys, Dinosaurs, planets being destroyed, dead Daleks, falling, running, the Ponds, the Doctor feeling sorry, a mention of the Master and more!…

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Doctor Who fans can finally relax again.

Doctor Who Experience Reviewed

Find your nearest crack in time and run, run as fast as you can to Cardiff.

Doctor Who & Its Growing Popularity In The United States

Doctor Who outsold both Modern Family and Glee on the US iTunes store during 2011.

Doctor Who & The Dalek Invasion of Twitter

Whilst Daleks will return in the next series of Doctor Who, we shouldn't forget that they have been busily taking over Twitter.…

Is It Time To Reboot Doctor Who?

Easy there tiger, I’m not proposing that we reboot the entire series and its carefully cherished history, so please put down the pitch folks and douse the burning torches.…

4 Doctor Who Monsters That Should Return

They’re species that add that something special to the series and, with the current special effects gurus doing such a good job, could look pretty damned cool...…

4 Doctor Who Species That Should Never Return

They’re species that are so utterly ridiculous, or so blatant a play for a certain market segment, that they deserve to be crushed by someone dropping a Sontaran Sphere on them.…