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5 Storylines We Want For WATCHMEN Comics Prequel

Here are five story angles I wouldn’t mind seeing more of from the world of Watchmen if DC are insistent on a prequel. …

Comic Reviews: CATWOMAN #1

With opinions on this issue ranging and raging across the internet with cries of both sexism and prudishness, writing a review without becoming embroiled in the debate is tricky...…

Comic Review: WONDER WOMAN #1

Wonder Woman excels at drawing readers into the mythic and hooking audiences into the sinister plots of the Gods.…

Comics Review: Batwoman #1

Overall, this issue states itself as ‘Part One of Five’ and concentrates on setting up multiple threads to leave the reader intrigued if not necessarily hooked. …

Comics Review: GREEN ARROW #1

It’s not the trick arrows. It’s not the reverence for Robin Hood. Green Arrow has always been – and here, firmly remains – all about the attitude....…

Comics Review: SWAMP THING #1

This series hits the ground running with multiple visual and character hooks, clearly establishing a foreboding atmosphere and confidently deliberate pace that instils a sense of creeping terror. The hallowed ground of Alan Moore’s run on the title has finally seeded a take on Swamp Thing that seems set to grow and grow.…

Who Should Play Ant-Man, Luke Cage & Iron Fist in Marvel's Forthcoming Films?

Following our guesses as to what Marvel’s secret movies for 2014 might be, and our casting suggestions for Doctor Strange, we have come up with our favourite choices for potential Ant-Man, Luke Cage and Iron Fist movies. …

8 Directors Who Should Helm DOCTOR STRANGE at Marvel!

Marvel are on a hot streak of hiring directors lately but which can keep the faithful comic fans happy and also bring magic to life without mainstream audiences looking for the hidden trap door?…

8 Actors Who Should Play Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE!

As a Doctor Strange movie script is handed in to Marvel, we come up with our top picks to play the ultimate Sorcerer Supreme!…

Does The Bad Guy Always Have To Die?

With more and more films belonging to franchises, are their stories ever really done? Is the bad guy allowed to die if there’s a chance he or she might be needed in the sequel?…