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Avon, United Kingdom

I reads and watches thems picture stories. Wordy words follow. My blog is , and if you want to see all the various places I contribute to, or want to send me a message, you can find links to everything here:

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comics DC 966 views

Batman Eternal #1 Review

For people who have been dying to get into a new ongoing Batman comic, this one's for you.

10 Apr 2014 Noel Thorne

tv Warner Bros 117k views

10 Reasons Why We’ve Already Given Up On The Gotham TV Show

With Smallville taking 10 seasons for a costume reveal and Arrow being a glorified male calendar photo-shoot, what hope does Gotham have?

9 Apr 2014 Noel Thorne

comics D3arv 4k views

5 Awesome Comics You Must Read This Week (21 March)

It's a great week to be a comics reader with so many awesome titles being released right now.

21 Mar 2014 Noel Thorne

comics DC Comics 15k views

10 Best Moments From Batman: Zero Year – Dark City

A still-very-green Batman takes on his biggest challenge yet: defeat the brilliant mind of the Riddler and save his city.

19 Mar 2014 Noel Thorne

comics hush batman 68k views

7 Reasons Why Batman: Hush Is Completely Overrated

While Hush reads like a Batman greatest hits compilation, it is a confusing mishmash of nonsensical ideas, terrible plotting and bad characterisation

14 Mar 2014 Noel Thorne

film Screen Shot 2014 03 14 At 12 43 50 22k views

5 Marvel Characters Kim Soo-Hyun Could Be In Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Discounting the character of "generic scientist-type", there are some excellent Marvel characters she could play...

14 Mar 2014 Noel Thorne

comics Dark Horse Comics 185k views

10 Best Non-Marvel/DC Superheroes

While Marvel and DC hold a near-monopoly on superhero comics, there are more out there than just the Avengers and the Justice League.

11 Mar 2014 Noel Thorne

comics Marvel Comics 9k views

5 Awesome Comics You Must Read This Week (7 March)

After a quiet couple of weeks, there was an absolute deluge of new comics from all of the publishers this week!

7 Mar 2014 Noel Thorne

film Patrick Wilson I Love Ants 40k views

10 Marvel Characters Patrick Wilson Could Be In Ant-Man

Hero or villain? Brand new character for the movies or someone from the comics? We break it down...

4 Mar 2014 Noel Thorne

film Marvel Comics 21k views

10 Essential Spider-Man Storylines That Should Be Made Into Movies

Sony announced this week that they want to release a new Spider-Man universe movie every year. Let's help them out with some ideas shall we?

1 Mar 2014 Noel Thorne

comics New Ghost Rider Comic 18k views

10 Most Anticipated #1 Comics In March

10 awesome looking new comics debuting next month that you should consider collecting from the get-go!

18 Feb 2014 Noel Thorne