7 Reasons Why Batman: The Long Halloween Is The Most Overrated Batman Book Ever

longhalloween Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale often figures on lists of the greatest Batman books ever written, and is frequently touted as one of the first books anyone wanting to get into Batman should read. It is a book that, bafflingly, has a lot of fans which I can only attribute to new readers to Batman/comics reading it and, having little to compare it to, believe they€™ve read something great. That or the many fans claiming this as one of the greatest Batman books of all time simply have no taste! Either way, it is definitely a very poor Batman book whose acclaimed status also makes it the most overrated Batman book ever. So what€™s it about? The Long Halloween is set after the events of Year One in the early days of Batman with Bruce still learning how to be the Dark Knight. Someone begins murdering mobsters on each holiday €“ Easter, April Fool€™s Day, etc. €“ earning the murderer the name the Holiday Killer. Meanwhile ambitious district attorney Harvey Dent begins his crusade against the city€™s most notorious mob boss, Carmine €œThe Roman€ Falcone, and Batman€™s rogues escape Arkham Asylum to cause mayhem in Gotham. It takes the combined efforts of Batman, Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent over a year to catch the Holiday Killer and everything that leads to the killer€™s arrest, including the reveal of Holiday€™s identity, is nonsensical and/or stupid. Here are 7 reasons why The Long Halloween is the most overrated Batman book ever.
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