Gotham Season 5: 4 Ups & 1 Down From 'Pena Dura'

That ending though.

Gotham S5 Ep 5 Ups Downs

Contains spoilers from Gotham Season 5, Episode 5.

Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying that Gotham has been anything but predictable. The hit Fox series might have been hit and miss in the past but, since the final season commenced, it's been near enough unmissable, and that doesn't change with the latest instalment, Pena Dura.

After last week's episode, Ruin, revealed Ed Nygma to be the person responsible for the heinous attack on Haven, Pena Dura sees the former crime scene investigator struggle to come to terms with his actions. Knowing full well that he's being controlled by another party, however, Ed makes it his mission to figure out what really happened to him the night the bridges blew.

Nymga isn't the only one having problems, as Bruce struggles to comprehend how Selina can be so calm about having executed Jeremiah Valeska. Speaking of the laughing maniac, there are some great twists and turns in regards to the psychopath's own narrative - all of which lead the instalment to a spectacular conclusion.

It's not a perfect instalment by any means, but a few caveats aside, there really is a lot to love about Pena Dura, and if the closing moments are anything to go by, the best is yet to come for the Fox series.

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