10 Worst Celebrity Video Game Performances

1. Peter Dinklage – Destiny

Poor Peter Dinklage's voiceover for Destiny became infamous before the game was even released. He originally voiced Ghost, the A.I. that guides the player through the game. You expect a certain level of icy calm when it comes to a robot character, but Dinklage’s performance is so lifeless and flat it’s hard to listen to him.

His delivery of the line “That wizard came from the moon” became so widely mocked it had to be removed from the final version, and his performance was a common source of complaints in reviews. Things got so bad his work was eventually removed, and voice-over superstar Nolan North was brought on to re-record his lines.

Dinklage himself didn’t comment on the controversy, but he’s likely glad the whole episode is behind him, since Destiny was far from his best work.

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