10 Worst Celebrity Video Game Performances

Bruce Willis can even look bored in video game form.

Ghostbusters Bill Murray

Movies and video games are moving closer together, so it’s not uncommon to find big-name actors appearing in AAA games. Kevin Spacey showed up in one of those Call Of Duty games, Liam Neeson gave some gravitas to Fallout 3, and Patrick Stewart has regularly loaned out his silky tones to fantasy games.

When these actors put the work in it can make a world of difference, but sometimes they just use VOs as an excuse to slack off and receive a nice cheque for a few days work. If the game is heavily story based this can be especially distracting, since a jaded performance can really drag players out of the experience.

Maybe they think nobody will notice if they phone it in a little for a game but the opposite tends to be true; players instantly pick up on their lack of effort.

Here are some of the worst video game performances from big name actors, and just why the sucked so bad.

10. Sam Worthington – Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Ghostbusters Bill Murray

Poor Sam Worthington feels like he could be a good character actor, but since he’s cursed with leading man looks, Hollywood keeps casting him in leading man roles. Maybe it’s the material he’s given, but his performances are often pretty flat when he fronts a movie, which even extended to his turn as Alex Mason in Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

On paper, Mason should be interesting enough, since he’s a brainwashed hitman who may have been involved in the JFK assassination. Worthington chooses to express his character’s inner turmoil by shrieking most of his lines, complaining endlessly about “the numbers!” in a jittery American accent, but it never sounds like he means it.

The amount of yelling gets annoying after the first few missions, making Mason a hard character to get behind. Worthington settled down in Black Ops 2, but his work in the first game failed to make a case for his leading man abilities.


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