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Cold Comes The Night Trailer - Watch Bryan Cranston Break Bad In A Russian Accent

By Nathan Bartlebaugh

Star Trek Into Darkness Press Conference Highlights: Zachary Quinto Talks Spock, JJ Abrams Talks Star Wars

By David Pustansky

Star Trek Into Darkness New Trailer And Shot By Shot Breakdown

By Amarpal Biring

Star Trek: Into Darkness App Announced at CES

By Aeryk Pierson
star trek into darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness: IMAX 9 Minutes Footage Review

By Amarpal Biring

Star Trek 2 Details: New Characters, What Will The Title Be, First Footage

Lots of teases and hints towards JJ Abrams' mysterious Star Trek sequel.
By Matt Holmes

New Star Trek 2 Images Feature Spock Hanging Around

See him in his big red metal, Tony Stark-esque suit holding a white briefcase...
By Matt Holmes
the raven

The Raven Review: Poor Direction Hampers Cusack's Solid Performance

The inherently likeable Cusack fares surprisingly well in one of his darkest roles, but The…
By Shaun Munro

David Tennant Rom-Com The Decoy Bride Leaks Online Early?

Romantic dramedy which also stars Alice Eve and Kelly Macdonald hits cinemas on March 9th but…
By Matt Holmes

Alice Eve Joins STAR TREK 2 But Who Is She Playing?

My guess is love interest to Kirk, some kind of femme fatale of space but we don't yet know if…
By Matt Holmes

TV Review: ENTOURAGE, 8.8 - 'The End' - Series Finale

Entourage goes out with more of a whimper than a bang as the appropriately titled finale 'The…
By Gareth Bunkham

TV Review: ENTOURAGE, 8.5 - "Motherf*cker"

In the latest episode in Entourage's final season, the fairer sex pose problems for Vince, E…
By Gareth Bunkham

Ursa (& General Zod?) In SUPERMAN Reboot?

By Matt Holmes
superman cat grant

Alice Eve, Rosamund Pike & Diane Kruger Circling SUPERMAN Love Interest?

By Matt Holmes
john cusack the raven

First Look: John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe in THE RAVEN

By Matt Holmes
frost xme]

January Jones is Emma Frost not Alice Eve, daughter of Lenny Kravitz to play Storm?

By Matt Holmes

Benjamin Walker kicked out of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, but may re-register?

By Matt Holmes
emma frost r

Emma Frost is totally out of our league!

Brit beauty Alice Eve officially in talks to play the mega bitch of the X-Universe!
By Matt Holmes