10 Directors Who Were Kicked Off A Movie

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By Scott Campbell

5 Reasons Lethal Weapon 5 Would Be Great

By Jon Manson

10 Talented Directors Who Just Made Five Awful Movies In A Row

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Scrooged: 10 Awesome Images You've Never Seen

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10 Reasons Why SUPERMAN RETURNS Doesn't Suck

Many people now see the film as a major failure given that the franchise is now being rebooted. I don’t like to look at it that way. I like to view this film as a fitting end to the previous movie series. …
By Tom Ryan

Mel Gibson turns down LETHAL WEAPON 5

By Matt Holmes

Columbus Short in talks for LETHAL WEAPON 5

By Matt Holmes

SUPERMAN director Richard Donner saves WOLVERINE?

Donner flew to Australia to keep Gavin Hood's job on WOLVERINE!
By Matt Holmes

Goonies 2 an "absolute certainty"?

Former Hobbit Sean Astin seems to think Goonies 2 is going forward
By Will Reynolds

It's another year, which means more Lethal Weapon 5 talk!

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