12 Fictional TV Locations It'd Blow Your Mind to Visit

11. Sunnydale (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

sunnydale Welcome to beautiful Cali-forni-a where the sun always shines and... Actually, the sun doesn't shine at night. That's probably something you're going to want to remember when you visit Sunnydale given the ever-present threat of becoming vampire chow. And you thought L.A. was dangerous, huh. Anyway, for the most part Sunnydale is a pleasant enough place, a bustling metropolis of around 3,500 people, a zoo, a museum, surprisingly few high schools, and, oh, yes, twelve independent gothics. A strange mix of the gothic and the All-American, the citizens of Sunnydale go about their everyday lives, attend their jobs, school, go clubbing, as each second of the day the Hellmouth - a portal between our world and an infinite number of hell dimensions - threatens to rise up and gnaw on their bones. There are the vengeful Native American spirits who originally inhabited the land, demons of all varieties - Chirago, Ghora Vengeance - a secret military organization devoted to tagging and eliminating said demons, a series of earthquakes that swallowed up everything from a millennia-old vampire known as The Master to the Satantic temple (on Kingman's Bluff), not to mention the immortal Mayor Wilkins (I, II, and III) who turned himself into a giant snake at the 1999 Sunnydale High graduation. Other than which Sunnydale remains a vibrant and-- No, sorry, oops, it's all gone, swallowed up by a sinkhole about a decade ago now. Still, never mind, there's always Cleveland.

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