Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame recently told the Waikato Times of New Zealand that he would love to film there. He even rather jokingly suggested Peter Jackson as a director. When the Times contacted the esteemed director he was surprisingly enthusiastic, revealing himself to be a huge and long-time Doctor Who fan and declaring that if a time and place were named he would be there.

Never has the deep and glittering underworld of Doctor Who Fandom experienced such swooning.  Or maybe it was just me but the news sure spread across the net faster than a swarm of Vashta Nerada. The very idea of the masterful mind of Peter Jackson directing the Doctor through New Zealand’s gorgeous locations is enough to make any science fiction/fantasy devotee cry tears of pure happiness.

Nine reasons why this is the cleverest idea ever:

9. Peter Jackson’s Solid Background in Psychological Horror

A film such as “Heavenly Creatures” which explores the weighty subject of why a teenage girl kills her mother proves that Mr. Jackson is not at all afraid to face the dark underpinnings of our hearts. New era Doctor Who is also very keen on discovering the places we’d most like to keep hidden. Plenty of monsters can be found in both the worlds of Jackson and “Who”, but what’s more important is the motivation behind monstrous actions. A man who delves into the mind of a murdered young girl watching the earth from the outlands of heaven (Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones”) will have no problem dealing with The Silence and Weeping Angels. The Doctor’s darkest actions are often his most fascinating and thought provoking and Peter Jackson is well equipped to dig into that realm.

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This article was first posted on September 26, 2012