10 Most Anti-Climactic WWE Moments Of 2017

Is that it?


It seems churlish to ignore all the times WWE delivered in 2017, from Brock Lesnar's WrestleMania 33 showdown with Goldberg right down to the thrilling finale of January's UK Championship Tournament.

Whatever criticisms you can make of the modern-day product, there's absolutely no denying that this year has in fact been one of the better ones in recent memory in terms of quality in the ring.

There have, however, also been one or two moments that have left us feeling a little short-changed; the same kind of sensation you get when you've just eaten your dinner and yet still somehow aren't completely full up.

Anti-climaxes are actually fairly common in wrestling, to be fair, mainly because as fans we are often guilty of having hopelessly unrealistic expectations, holding today's shows up to the standards of yesteryear Attitude Era magic and setting ourselves up for a fall.

But this year we're not entirely to blame. On a number of occasions during 2017, WWE laid the groundwork for what promised to be a great pay-off, only to let us down at the last minute with lazy or else just ill-thought-out endings.