10 Best Times Superheroes Switched Sides

Who knew turning bad could be so good?

DC Comics

Pure of heart superheroes going up against bad to the bone villains has been part of comic book storylines since the medium began. More complex characters who operate within the grey area between good and evil have been around for what feels like eons too.

But it's time to forget about those characters today, instead, let's examine the times - and reasons why - the most heroic of superheroes crossed over to the dark side. Whether it be alternate realities, mind control, psychological breakdowns or just lust for revenge, these are the best times a superhero turned evil.

Movies, TV shows, video games and obviously comic books themselves have all been taken into account here to cover every base. Importantly, one-off brutal decisions from usually good heroes don’t count, instead only definitive arcs of villainy will make the cut.

Often this transformation reveals something hidden at the core of these heroes, and forces a new dynamic from those around them. After all, for all their sidekicks, allies and teammates, it’s not just a matter of trying to stop this newly turned foe, but understanding why they turned in the first place.


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