10 Superhero Redesigns That ACTUALLY Worked

The coolest DC and Marvel redesigns that did their heroes justice.

Best Superhero Redesigns
Marvel Comics/DC Comics

One key aspect of a superhero's longevity is iconography, which usually consists of a memorable costume. From Batman's cowl to Captain America's star-spangled uniform, these visual aspects capture the reader's attention. So while there might be minor design changes from time to time, the main idea of the outfit is often retained.

But sometimes, the daring few may choose to go out of their comfort zone and risk incurring the wrath of fanboys by redesigning these beloved characters. Now in most cases, this usually ends up in disaster with artists reverting back to the status quo due to backlash yet in other instances, these changes end up staying for quite a while.

These are makeovers that improved on characters' previous appearances and even overshadowed them. Alternatively, some of these are designs that while not permanent, would become important pieces of history for their respective hero.

Here, then, are the 10 redesigns that shocked fans everywhere and yet were looks they eventually warmed up to. These will only include major design changes and not minor tweaks like Batman's yellow emblem.

10. Superboy

Best Superhero Redesigns
DC Comics

Connor Kent was created in a lab and believed that he was Superman. But when the Man of Steel died at the hands of Doomsday, the young teen would become part of the four heroes who continue the iconic hero's legacy in the arc, Reign of the Supermen.

Superboy's original costume was dated, to say the least. Despite sporting Kal-El's Kryptonian colors, the young hero added a leather jacket and some cool eyewear to match which while relevant at the time, made his outfit age like milk.

The character would later sport a costume that was fitting of a teen but also visually appealing. This time, he wore a pair of jeans and a black shirt with a red variation of the S Shield. The result is a much simpler costume that is less cluttered yet so more effective. This new outfit perfectly encapsulated what a teenager would wear; someone who prefers comfort rather than flamboyant theatrics.

Among the fandom, there remains a debate between his 90s look versus his modern appearance and yet regardless, Superboy's simplified costume deserves a spot on this list.


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