10 Best Villainous Voice Actors In The DC Animated Universe

Lex Luthor, the Joker, Harley Quinn... the DCAU had it all.

Warner Bros.

Since 1992, the DC Animated Universe has consistently provided us with some of the greatest animated action ever put to paper. Much like how Marvel has built a mighty empire of its live action offerings, DC has done the same with the sprawling animated adventures of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and dozens of other famed heroes, all incredibly drawn and voiced.

What use, however, is a well-voiced hero without equally well-voiced villains? The DCAU has managed to snag the cream of the voice acting industry during its almost 30-year span, and luckily for fans many of these world-class artists gave life to some of the best rogues galleries of any comic book canon.

In some cases, these actors have become intrinsically linked with the bad guys they portrayed, creating instant connections to certain voices when reading comic books or comparing other forms of DC media.

Bruce Timm, Paul Dini et al.'s experiment in darker, sophisticated animation that kept both young and adult viewers in mind has spun into a laundry list of connected animated shows, full-length movies, web content, video games, and comic books.

Throughout its run, the DCAU's portrayal of classic baddies has been consistently strong, adding colour, drama, and conflict to the proceedings. All of this is bolstered by the voice acting, which helps make these villains some of the best ever animated.


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