10 Comic Villains You Didn't Realise Actually Won

Turns out the good guy doesn't always win.

NetherRealm Studios

Seeing a villain lose is supposed to be one of the most predictable things in the comic world. Although they may manage to flummox our hero, or kill their allies, they get their comeuppance in the end - even if they escape prison mere pages afterwards.

Indeed, this is what made the ever-famous Watchmen series such an exciting comic, as it was the first time many readers had seen a plot where the bad guy appeared to get a victory.

But villainous victories had actually been happening for a while before - and would continue to sneak under viewer's noses for a long time to come. Because while big, dramatic villainous victories weren't commonplace, it's surprisingly common for a comic to close with a scenario that actually gives the villain the upper hand.

And this can be way more interesting than the more dramatic wins, as it creates an ending that leaves you uncertain what to believe. It also makes the world of spandex and capes just that little more believable - as you realise that many crooks and criminals get away with a lot more than you'd initially think.


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