10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About The Spectacular Spider-Man Cartoon

5. Some Of The ITunes Episode Summaries Were (Very) Wrong

Venom Spider-Man Spectacular Spider-Man
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When Spectacular Spider-Man finally made its glorious debut to the world of iTunes - where you could pay your tech overlords to finally rewatch the show - it appeared on the pages of the store with some strange additions.

The fact you could buy the show episode by episode meant that, naturally, each had to come with their own short description, so if you wanted one particular episode, you could find it easier.

However, these descriptions came with a fair few issues. Firstly, and most importantly, they mention the Human Torch, who never features in the series.

Secondly, they replace the name Tombstone with Kingpin repeatedly - presumably because Tombstone sort of plays the role of Kingpin in the series, likely since the latter is considered more of a Daredevil villain than a Spider-Man one.

You have to wonder if these summaries were the original design plans for the various episodes - before changes like the Tombstone swap were implemented - or if someone somewhere along the line just got very, very confused. We'll never know the true answer, but it's likely a little bit of both.


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