Casting HBO's Green Lantern Corps

In brightest day, in blackest night... you know these casting choices are really right.


It was recently announced that a new DC series centred around the Green Lantern Corps would be making its way to HBO Max. To distance it from the 2011 movie and capitalise on the growing proportion of people dissatisfied with other sci-fi franchises the show is set to take the hero "to space". This direction means that a lot more of the Corps will likely feature - a key element of the character's comics.

This is definitely a positive, as Hal Jordan, though the most famous, is arguably the least interesting of his emerald cohorts or those on other ends of the emotional spectrum.

Nevertheless, the main cast will presumably consist of the human Lanterns, with the aliens making up the ranks of supporting character and villains. As a result, the following list gives some suggestions for actors that should play the Green Lanterns of sector 2814 as well as who should play a selection of their allies and enemies.

This cast would be great for a HBO series, or even in a movie, should the show get scrapped or develop into a film. Anyway, let's begin...


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