Casting HBO's Justice League Dark

Which actors should play the likes of Constantine, Zatanna and... Detective Chimp?!

20th Century Studios

It's been nine years since Justice League Dark debuted in the comics, and around half a decade since word first emerged that they'd be getting adapted to the big screen. Their long awaited adaptation is finally coming now however, this time curtesy of HBO and JJ Abram's Bad Robot.

It may not exactly be a Guillermo del Toro film, but good for them, I say. They are a great bunch of characters and giving them an HBO show would be a suitable use of Warner Bros' money.

That is if they get the right cast, of course.

Now, I have no experience in the performing arts (unless we're counting primary school plays), but comics are something I have a... passing knowledge on, giving me all the authority I need to tell the big wig executives over at WarnerMedia (or however the funding for these things work) who they should be spending their millions on for this particular venture.

HBO is known as a source of quality entertainment, able to attract big names, so getting the actors on this list wouldn't be impossible for them - it would simply be a matter of whether or not they wanted to listen to my (admittedly genius) suggestions.

Okay, genius might be a tad hyperbolic, but I'll let you decide that for yourself...


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