First Official Venom Film Image Confirms Villain

Turns out those earlier rumours were true.

Tom Hardy Venom

Via IGN, we now have our first official look at Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock for Sony's upcoming Venom film. The actor certainly looks the part, and while one would assume the image doesn't give away much, there's a lot more to this than Hardy's journalistic stare.

Earlier rumours for the Venom film indicated that it would be taking inspiration from the 'Lethal Protector' story-arc, a comic where the Symbiote took on a more anti-heroic style and fought against the villainous 'Life Foundation'. In the comics, the Foundation sought to capture the Symbiote to make their own biological weapons, with various other Venom-esque villains emerging from the storyline as a result of their machinations.

Now confirmed by Ruben Fleishcher, the film will be looking to those arcs when telling their story. The image itself, however, gives us a huge indication of just how much it will be taking from the David Michelinie comic, thanks to the notes on Eddie's notepad.

Venom Tom Hardy Notepad

The pad itself makes specific reference to a 'foundation' dealing with pharmaceutical testing, and while this could, in all seriousness, be making reference to any other foundation, chances are it's our first confirmation that the Life Foundation will be pulling the strings in Sony's Venom film.

If that's the case, then Phage, Agony, Scream, Riot and Lasher - the Venom clones from that story-arc - could also be making an appearance. Brock will undoubtedly face a physical challenge over the course of the project, and while other villains like Carnage were optioned, it's looking increasingly likely that the quintet will mount that challenge.

How do you feel about Sony taking their inspiration from Lethal Protector? And what of Tom Hardy's Brock himself? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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