Gotham Season 5: 4 Major Questions After 'The Trial Of Jim Gordon'

The Fox series is currently on a brief hiatus, which allows us to speculate about what comes next.


Contains spoilers from Gotham Season 5, Episode 9.

The end may be in sight, but that hasn't prevented Gotham from knocking it out of the park. The hit Fox series' final season has been jam-packed with impressive instalments, heightening our anticipation for the upcoming final episode.

The series lost its primary antagonist last month, when Jeremiah Valeska's storyline reached its end, but, in spite of the initial concern, the series hasn't faltered as a result of this, and has simply continued to impress. The latest episode, The Trial Of Jim Gordon, was another corker, as villainous foes Ivy Pepper and Victor Zsasz both returned for one final, hell-raising mission.

Jim Gordon was put through the ringer in this one too, as he subconsciously stood trial for all the mistakes he's made. In the end, he proposed to Lee Thompkins, and the pair of lovebirds tied the knot in front of their friends in what was an incredibly emotional sequence.

Despite the events of this epic instalment, Fox has unfortunately decided to give Gotham a one week break - which is a bit disappointing given that the show has already recently had a brief hiatus. However, this short intermission in the final season's run does allow for us to speculate about what might happen next.

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