Gotham Season 5: 5 Major Questions We Have After '13 Stitches'

Why is Alfred so important to Jeremiah?


Contains spoilers from Gotham Season 5, Episode 6.

Gotham's hiatus may have only been one week long, but it feels like quite some time since the last episode of the Fox series aired. Regardless, the Batman-inspired series returned in style, delivering yet another superb episode - and it's certainly one that won't be forgotten in a hurry.

The latest instalment, entitled 13 Stitches, was one of the most heart-racing to date, as Gordon found himself public enemy number one after his altercation with former friend Eduardo Dorrance in the previous episode. The GCPD captain laid low, and formed an alliance of his own - an alliance that included several people that were once enemies of Gordon's himself.

Selina's showed no signs of regret over her actions towards Jeremiah, although she dislikes the publicity it's brought her. As a result, she aligned with Oswald, and the two discussed the possibility of leaving the dreary city behind once and for all. Then there's Jeremiah, who reared his head near the very end of the episode - just in time to kidnap Alfred and set his awful plan for Bruce Wayne in motion.

13 Stitches was certainly an experience, but it's an episode that's left us with plenty of questions to consider before the next one.

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