Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen - 8 Things It Must Do Differently From Del Toro's Films

A more faithful adaptation with a hard 'R' rating? Yes please.

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Well, it's official; Hellboy's getting his reboot and Stranger Things' David Harbour is set for the lead role. It's certainly bittersweet, considering the public fashion in which Guillmero del Toro's Hellboy III imploded, but it was time to pass down the mantle to a different team. One that will, according to Mike Mignola, offer a much darker and more authentic take on the character.

Not even del Toro's biggest fans will deny the amount of talent attached to this reboot (now titled, Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen), with both Harbour and director Neil Marshall having been involved in plenty of recent successes - the former most famously for his role in Netflix's eighties horror romp, Stranger Things, and the latter for his work on The Descent and Game of Thrones respectively.

Given who’s involved, and - more notably - the source material itself, it’s more than apparent that we’ll be looking at a darker and more suitably horrific Hellboy adaptation than what’s been released in the past. And, while we may have all enjoyed del Toro’s vision, it is true that Hellboy has always been a gothic icon, with Mignola’s work on both Hellboy and B.P.R.D. branching together both the superhero and horror genres on the page. Who better to translate that than someone who loves horror?

With a tentative 2018 release date in mind, it’s clear that Rise of the Blood Queen is going to be a very different (albeit faithful) kind of comic book film. Ol' Red is in for a treat indeed.

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